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Schedule: Basic

July 27 Saturday Arrival (any time) Dinner for participants, reception at D. Mayo’s home


We anticipate our seminars will run 5-6 hours a day, excluding Sunday (not including lunch and coffee breaks)–beginning no earlier than 9:30. We anticipate a modified schedule on Wednesdays, ending our Seminar 3:30 or 4, (for individual meetings with directors). There will be 5-6 outside speaker evenings, and Sunday (Aug 4) with no scheduled seminar meetings (which doesn’t mean you might not want to create some yourselves). Of course there will be break-out groups and several opportunities for participants to present their own materials.  If participants wish to hold talks on open nights, they are very welcome to do so, but this is optional. We’ll hold a short meeting Sunday Aug. 11 to grant certificates over brunch. This will be immersive as promised.

Please check back for updates.


Participants and potential participants may ask questions or post comments.

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