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New! Information for Summer Seminar in Phil Stat Participants (iii)

Click on the title of the post or page to open it to see all the information.There is also a search box at the bottom of the front page. The latest (5th) schedule is here. Check back for updates (this is (i)).


  • From the Airport: Remember, you need to reserve a shuttle IN ADVANCE if you plan to take one to the hotel. They are located right at the baggage area of the airport. (You can email them to schedule as well: Try to group with others. If you are taking the SmartWay bus (which goes to Squires, but not the hotel), you don’t need to schedule in advance. [UPDATE: SmartWay bus does not run on Sunday to airport, nor do they have any transfer arrangements. Arrangements for the shuttle from the Marriott or individual rides will have to be made later, but we have plenty of time.] Information (webpages and phone numbers) for both can be found here:
  • At Squires Student Center: If you’re arriving at Squires Student Center (on Virginia Tech Campus) in the afternoon, and need someone to take you to the hotel (1 mile) please let us know fairly soon and we’ll arrange it. If it’s evening, and we’re at the dinner, we should still be able to find someone to fetch you. (walking map)
  • Hotel: Information about the hotel can be found here:

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American Phil Assoc Blog: The Stat Crisis of Science: Where are the Philosophers?

Ship StatInfasST

The Statistical Crisis of Science: Where are the Philosophers?

This was published today on the American Philosophical Association blog

“[C]onfusion about the foundations of the subject is responsible, in my opinion, for much of the misuse of the statistics that one meets in fields of application such as medicine, psychology, sociology, economics, and so forth.” (George Barnard 1985, p. 2)

“Relevant clarifications of the nature and roles of statistical evidence in scientific research may well be achieved by bringing to bear in systematic concert the scholarly methods of statisticians, philosophers and historians of science, and substantive scientists…” (Allan Birnbaum 1972, p. 861).

“In the training program for PhD students, the relevant basic principles of philosophy of science, methodology, ethics and statistics that enable the responsible practice of science must be covered.” (p. 57, Committee Investigating fraudulent research practices of social psychologist Diederik Stapel)

I was the lone philosophical observer at a special meeting convened by the American Statistical Association (ASA) in 2015 to construct a non-technical document to guide users of statistical significance tests–one of the most common methods used to distinguish genuine effects from chance variability across a landscape of social, physical and biological sciences.

It was, by the ASA Director’s own description, “historical”, but it was also highly philosophical, and its ramifications are only now being discussed and debated. Today, introspection on statistical methods is rather common due to the “statistical crisis in science”. What is it? In a nutshell: high powered computer methods make it easy to arrive at impressive-looking ‘findings’ that too often disappear when others try to replicate them when hypotheses and data analysis protocols are required to be fixed in advance.

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Local Maps & Transportation

Nearest Airport: Roanoke (ROA):

  • SmartWay Bus:$4, (exact change) but does not go to Marriott, stops at Squires Student Center (~1 mile walk uphill). Schedule. [UPDATE: SmartWay Bus DOES NOT RUN on Sundays, and does not have any transfer arrangements to airport) (SmartWay FAQs here.)
  • Car Rentals (Budget, Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise)
  • Roanoke Airport Transportation Service: SHUTTLE VAN–you should reserve a seat in advance!(Direct to & from the Marriott Residence Inn), located in the baggage area of the airport. You can call or email to make a reservation.
    $66/1 person/1 way
    $33/each for 2  people/1 way
    $30/each for 3 or more people/1 way
    Reservations/Contact: Toll Free Number: 1-800-288-1958
  • Taxi Ride (in general): ~$70/one-way

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Blacksburg Cafes & Restaurants

Restaurants next to your hotel:

The Marriott Residence Inn provides a list of restaurants next to the hotel at this link.


(Review of 5 of the coffee shops below)

Bollo’s Café & Bakery (206 Draper Rd NW, Blacksburg, VA 24060)

Cafe At Champs (111 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060)

Caffe Bella (915 Hethwood Blvd, Blacksburg, VA 24060)

Idego Coffee (119 N. Main St., Blacksburg, VA 24060)

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