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Summer Seminar Participant Profiles

Participants in the 2019 Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Statistics

Renée Bolinger, Asst. Professor
Dept of Politics and the Center for Human Values, Princeton University

Lok Chan, Post Doc
Social Science Research Institute, Duke University

Marcello Di Bello
, Asst. Professor
Dept of Philosophy, Lehman College CUNY


John Douard, Appellate Staff Attorney
N.J. Office of the Public Defender


Georgi Gardiner, Junior Research Fellow
St. John’s College, Oxford University
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Tennessee


Ruobin (Robin) Gong, Asst. Professor
Department of Statistics and Biostatistics, Rutgers University


Jennifer Juhn, Asst. Professor
Dept of Philosophy, Duke University

Molly Kao, Asst. Professor
Dept. of Philosophy, Université de Montréal


Jesse Krijthe, Post Doc, Data Science
Institute for Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University


Jonathan Livengood, Assoc. Professor
Dept. of Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jolynn Pek, Asst. Professor
Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University


Jonah Schupbach, Assoc. Professor
Dept. of Philosophy, University of Utah


Elay Shech, Asst. Professor
Department of Philosophy, Auburn University


Riet van Bork, Asst. Professor
Department of Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam

Brian Zaharatos, Director,
Professional MS in Applied Mathematics and Instructor
Dept. of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Stephen Senn, Special Invited Speaker presentation abstract

Understanding Randomisation

Stephen Senn, Consultant Statistician, Edinburgh

100 years ago, in 1919, Fisher arrived at Rothamsted Agricultural Research Station and began his programme of revolutionising statistics. He realised that it was not enough for the subject of statistics to concern itself with the analysis of data but that it also had to deal with the process of collecting and planning to collect data. Thus, statistics became, under his leadership, a subject not just about analysis of experiments but also about their design.

One of the innovations in design he introduced was randomisation. However, although this has proved to be a practical success in many fields it has become a critical failure amongst many methodologists, in particular, philosophers of science. In my opinion much of the mistrust can be traced to a misunderstanding as to how statistical analysis of randomised experiments proceeds. In this talk I attempt to clear up the misunderstanding and show that many of the criticisms of randomisation turn out to be irrelevant.

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Drug Stores

CVS:  Next to hotel; 600 University City Blvd Blacksburg (540-951-4911); website.


Farmers Market

Downtown Blacksburg:Wednesdays: Noon-6pm & Saturdays: 9am-2pm (map); (website).


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Oasis World Market: 1411 S Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060; (540) 953-3950Website

Quaint shops:

Downtown Blacksburg (see here), and recommended by your hotel (here).



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