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New! Information for Summer Seminar in Phil Stat Participants (iii)

Click on the title of the post or page to open it to see all the information.There is also a search box at the bottom of the front page. The latest (5th) schedule is here. Check back for updates (this is (i)).


  • From the Airport: Remember, you need to reserve a shuttle IN ADVANCE if you plan to take one to the hotel. They are located right at the baggage area of the airport. (You can email them to schedule as well: Try to group with others. If you are taking the SmartWay bus (which goes to Squires, but not the hotel), you don’t need to schedule in advance. [UPDATE: SmartWay bus does not run on Sunday to airport, nor do they have any transfer arrangements. Arrangements for the shuttle from the Marriott or individual rides will have to be made later, but we have plenty of time.] Information (webpages and phone numbers) for both can be found here:
  • At Squires Student Center: If you’re arriving at Squires Student Center (on Virginia Tech Campus) in the afternoon, and need someone to take you to the hotel (1 mile) please let us know fairly soon and we’ll arrange it. If it’s evening, and we’re at the dinner, we should still be able to find someone to fetch you. (walking map)
  • Hotel: Information about the hotel can be found here:

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